Is A Roof Repair The Answer?

Whether your roof has only one missing shingle or a few, small areas can often be fixed at a reasonable cost. Step and counter flashing around chimneys are often poorly installed and end up leaking prematurely!

Your roof protects your home and its contents from the outside elements, so it’s imperative to keep it in good working condition. It’s important to address small problems before they lead to a larger – and more costly one. Early spring and summer are great times to assess your roof to see if replacement or repair is needed. Below are some examples of common roofing issues and what their presence might suggest:

Buckling Shingles
When shingles buckle, there is excess moisture inside the attic. This can occur if the roof is not adequately ventilated or if the roof was not properly installed. This can often signal that new plywood may be needed in order for the roof repair to be done correctly.

Water Spots on the Ceiling
Not everyone looks at their ceiling everyday – but discolored spots on your ceilings can be caused by leaks from your roof! If those spots are ignored, that small leak can turn into major water damage and a homeowner may be forced to file an insurance claim or end up paying out of pocket to repair the damaged drywall and re-paint.

Missing Shingles
This problem often occurs during a high wind storm, or gradually during Michigan’s harsh winter weather. Another possibility is that the shingles were not installed (nailed) correctly. Regardless, it’s important to call a roofing professional such as Roofing and Beyond to get your roof back to its original condition.

Flashing that is Damaged
Roof flashing is a piece of aluminum or sheet metal that is installed around roof penetrations or where a roof meets a wall. Flashing that has not been installed correctly or is damaged can cause leaking. In some cases, flashing can be replaced in the damaged area only but shingles will need to be replaced as well.